Sunday, January 10, 2010

90 Minutes & 7 Loads - I love living in the city

Before I moved out of the suburbs the only rough cock in the area where homeless, druggies & day laborers. Now if you follow my blog, you'll know I LOVE those kinda guys, even more I LOVE their dicks! Now that I've moved to a major US city. I've discovered there is an endless amount of rough, hung & neglected dick out here that's just waiting for a boy like me.

Wandering through the city today I came across a porn store with an arcade in the back. It was a busy area, filled with restaurants, stores & offices. There was so much going on around the store on the street that nobody really seemed to pay any attention to the fact that guys were getting off just a few feet away. From the side walk you could see clearly into the arcade where guys were cruising around. I walked in, made some change with the clerk and headed to the back. There was 1 older guy kinda hanging out in front of the arcade entrance and as I walked in I could see another guy standing against the back wall. He was about 45, 6 foot tall, definitely blue collar and wearing a wedding band. I stepped into the booth, dropped in a dollar, sat down and pulled out my cock. After a few minutes he walked into the booth next to me. He just stood facing the hole in the wall. I dropped down to my knees and put my face up to the hole. He was staring down at me so I licked my lips and eyed the growing package in his khakis. He started to unzip his jacket so I reached through the hole and began rubbing his bulge. He untucked his shirt, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor. He was wearing black briefs and by this point his cock was stiff and pushing against the worn fabric. I pulled my hand back in and put my face back up to the hole. I wanted to see that meat and more importantly, I wanted him to know my mouth was waiting to make him happy. He pulled down the front of his briefs and exposed a very nice uncut thick white cock. My mouth watered as he began to tug on it and pull the foreskin back. He pushed his cock up to the whole and slid it into my mouth. I took that fat meat all the way down my throat and worked it as best I could. From his immediate moans I could tell that his sweet meat hadn't been serviced in a while. It's my place on earth to give every cock the service and attention it deserves so that's exactly what I did. It continued to grow in my mouth and push the back of my throat. He started pumping his hips and his dick began to throb. He shot his hot load down my throat and I gobbled up every drop. As he pulled his cock back there was another drop hanging on the tip so I leaned forward and stuck out my tongue. He took the hint and wipe the head of his cock on my tongue and deposited the last sweet drop.

I knew I had found a pretty good location for some rough random every guy kinda dick so I decided to stick around for a while. I ended up sucking 2 russian dicks, 1 arab dick, 1 asian, 1 "frat boy" and to top it off a Hasidic Jew. I swallowed every one of them. The Hasidic Jew was by far my favorite of the day. He walked into the booth wearing his dark suit & hat. He had the curls off of each temple and the rope around his waist. It makes sense that every guy out there in the world needs some relief and service so I shouldn't have been surprised but I have to tell, I was totally surprised to see him. He dropped in a dollar and quickly pulled out his dick. It was soft in his hand as he tugged on it and he kept looking down at me through the hole. I really wasn't sure if he was there to jerk off or get his dick sucked. I was still having trouble believing he was even there. After a minute of awkward glances his dick was rock hard in his hand. He had it sticking out of his fly so it was difficult to see how long it was but it was definitely thick. I figured I had nothing else to lose to so stuck my face against the hole and opened my mouth. Without any hesitation he stood up and pushed his dick into my waiting hole. He was thick all right and hard as a rock but I wanted to see all of this monster so I push away and reached up to his belt. I began to unbuckle it and unfasten his pants. He took over and dropped them to the floor, I reached for the elastic waistband of his white boxers but he took care of that too. I wasn't disappointed in what he was packing. Not only did he have a 8" thick cock in there but he also had a thick hairy untrimmed bush and 2 big hairy balls. I pulled my cock out and started to stroke it. I had been stroking my dick off and on while sucking all the other guys off but I knew this was the dick and the man I had been waiting for. I ran my hands through his pubic hair and cupped his balls before pulling him forward and taking it back down my throat. I stroked my dick harder and faster as I pounded my head back and forth on his hard rod. He started to pump my mouth so I pressed my head against the hole and let him fuck my throat. His balls were slapping the bottom of my chin as my dick began to throb in my hand. He pushed his cock hard against the wall and deep down my throat. I felt it throb and I felt each spurt of cum coating the back of my throat. I relaxed there and let him finish using my throat. He pulled away as I shot my load against the wall and onto the floor. We both packed up and headed on our own ways.

I am so happy to be in this city an even happier to have all of those guys swimming around inside my stomach as I type this.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Landed on my Knees

Long time since I've posted but life has been a little crazy. I have moved to a major US city and things are definitely different. I'm at a new job, in a new house and don't know where to find the thuggy, rough, raw, hard cock that I have grown to love and need. I've been here 2 weeks and I've been able to fine 2 places where rough cock is available and eager.

First is in a seedy part of town with a couple XXX bookstores. You can always tell the bookstores that are set up for crusing and the ones that are set up for just to just jerk off in. Arcades in cruisy bookstores are darker, aren't visible from the shopping area and aren't in plain view of the store clerk. I checked out a couple places and figured out which one would have the best possibility for getting some rough dick. I've discovered that the nice part of living in a major city is that there is always plenty of rough cock needing to be serviced.

I made my way into the arcade area of my selected bookstore and saw a guy standing against a wall. He was early 20's, Latin (Puerto Rican Latin, not so many Mexicans on this side of the country) about 5'8" and definitely fit the discription of a thuggy guy. I made eye contact and continued through the arcade to check things out. There wasn't anybody else there so I turned back. As I walked towards him he was looking my direction so I nodded my head and said Hi. He said Hi back and i asked what he was up to. "Just hanging" was his response. He asked what I was up to. "Looking to suck some dick" was my response. Why bother with pretending, right? We both know what's going on so let's just get to the point! He walked my direction and walked into the booth in front of me. I stepped into the booth next to him. There was a hole in the wall, not a circle but instead a long hole about 4" high and went the entire length of the side wall. Never saw that before but it gave a very easy opportunity to see what was going on in the next booth. I quickly unbuttoned my jeans, pulled out my cock and dropped to my knees.

He had put a couple bucks in the arcade and started unbuttoning his pants. He was wearing black oversized jeans and as he unbuttoned then, I could see he was wearing gym shorts under his jeans and a pair of briefs under those. I'm sure there is a reason why younger thuggy guys are now wearing 2 and 3 pairs of shorts/underwear under their pants but I don't understand it. What I do understand is that when you see a guy wearing that kinda set up, you know you have a Str8 thuggy cock and that get's my mouth watering and my ass twitching. He dropped down his shorts and tugged on the growing cock in his blue briefs. I could see his balls hanging down and stretching the cotton fabric and I my cock got even harder in my hand. I wanted to see those hairy low hanging Puerto Rican balls and get them in my mouth.

He tugged a bit more and then pulled down his briefs and tucked the waistband under his balls. His package was exactly what I had pictured. He had a dark thick hairy untrimmed bush with a thick uncut tan cock with a set of big low hanging balls. I slipped my hand a little lower and started to rub my hole a little as if to say "Calm down, be patient" One he found a movie he liked, he turned my direction and pushed his dick through the opening. I tugged on his cock and felt it continue to swell in my hand while I grabbed my poppers and took a big sniff. I wanted to make sure I could swallow his entire dick all the way down. I took his swelling cock into my mouth and started to work on it. As it grew in my mouth and pushed against the back of my throat I felt him push his hips against the wall which told me he liked what was going on and wanted more. I slid his dick out of my mouth a little and worked the swollen head of his cock with my tongue and lips.

I pulled back and took a look at his fat dick shiny with my spit and admired the prize I'd found. I pushed my hand into the opening and cupped his balls. He pulled back from the wall enough for me to pull them through the hole before he pushed back up against the wall as far as he could. I let those big hairy balls hang down from his hard dick and rolled them around in my hand before I dove down and started to lick them and suck them into my mouth. He started to move his hips back and forth so I let him drag his nuts across my tounge and over my face. I gave them another bathing by my tongue before I went back to work on his dick.

I took his entire meat into my throat in one movement and just let the head of his dick fuck the back of my throat. He definitely liked that so I spent some time working his dick with all my skill ad giving him the best blow job I could. When his dick was thick and hard as a rock I pulled back and went in for the kill. I stood up, bent over and slid his dick up against my puckered hole. I left enough spit on the tip of his dick so that as I teased my hole with is cock, it would get me ready to take it all. I pushed back on his dick and felt the head of his cock pop inside me. I continued to push back until all of him was buried inside me. I wasn't sure what his reaction was going to be so I just stayed still for a minute waiting to see if he would pull out or start fucking me. I squeezed his dick with my hole letting him know it was his for the taking. He took the hint and eagerly began to pump his cock in and out of my hungry ass. I pushed back as hard as I could against the opening and took another big hit of poppers.

I could tell it had been a while since he had shot a load and it must have been even longer since he fucked because he was pounding my ass like a high school senior on prom night. I just relaxed in the moment, waiting for the load I knew was coming. It was a great feeling knowing that the cock hound cum slut I used to be could find a home in this new city. He started to pound my hole and pushing his dick as hard as he could inside me so I knew he was getting ready. He shoved his dick hard against the opening and kept it there as I felt each load shooting inside me. I LOVE the feeling of a cock twitching inside my hole while it coats my insides with it's hot baby batter.

I left my ass pushed up against the wall as his cock twitched and he started to slowly pump his dick back and forth. "Fuck that cum deeper inside me" He worked his dick back and forth before he pulled out and out of the hole. I dropped to my knees and turned back around to face the opening. His cock was still pretty hard and wet with the mixture of both of our juices. I reached through the hole and cupped his balls, pulling him back forward and through the hole. No need for him to clean up the cum off his own cock when I had a more than capable and willing mouth. I figured if a Str8 boy is willing to cheat on his wife/girlfriend in order to give me his load, the least I could do was to send him back to her with a clean cock and no sign of our encounter.

I licked a drop of cum from the tip of his dick and swallowed the rest of his dick into my mouth. I worked my mouth from side to side and up and down while my tongue carressed his soft uncut cock. I wanted to make sure that I got every drop of juice off his dick and savored every tasty bit.

I pulled off and watch his now softening cock receed back. He pulled up his briefs and tucked his dick back into it's well worn pouch before he pulled up his jeans and shorts and put him self back together. Before he exited the booth, he bent down to the opening and said "Thanks man". That was all I needed to make the moment perfect, that and his hot load now swimming around inside me.

I think things are going to work out just fine in this city.

Sorry for the delay boys. Getting used to new surrounds but rest assured, I'm always on the prowl for any and all dicks that need a warm place to shoot their load.

Happy New Year & Happy Hunting!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

9" Uncut Thick Black Cock

It had been a long hard day at work so I figured I needed something else long and hard too! On the drive home I dropped in on a low income area. Latins, Punks, Black, Homeless and generally average people. My kind of people. I'm just your run of the mill, everyday person who walks around with an insatiable lust for sex. Rich people have to many resources for pleasure. If your broke, it doesn't cost anything to get your dick sucked. If you happen to come across my path, you might even make some money.

So I'm driving around making a couple circles, checking out some of the very sexy meat walking the streets. I come across 1 guy pushing a shopping cart down the alley. As I pull up, I see he's a little dirty, thin faced and he's more dragging his body down the street than actually walking. Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE DICK and I'm pretty open to the dick I'll take but you gotta have a strong enough heart beat to pump your dick full of blood long enough to pump that dick into me. He just didn't seem like he had the strength. So I drove on.

I turned a corner and a 3o something African American guy walking down the street. He was dressed in slacks and a button down and looked like he had just gotten off work. I stopped in the middle of the street, rolled down the window, made eye contact and waved him over. I made sure as he walked over to keep shooting glances down at the bulge in his grey slacks. He definitely noticed and by the time he walked up to my window, he had a sly grin on his face. This was gonna be easier than I thought. I asked what he was up to and he did the same to me. I told him I was just hanging out, looking for some dick to suck. His grin doubled in size. "Sounds good to me. " He walked around the car and jumped into the passangers seat.

He suggested we go to a parking lot near a school around the corner. The first thing that jumped into my head was "REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER". I really don't think I'm doing anything wrong by having consensual sex with random guys even if it sometimes occurs in semi or public places. But I know better than to get my fuck on near a school. I told him about a better location near some industrial buildings where we would have more priviacy. He didn't really care so I headed in that direction.

We pulled up and took a parking spot next to a wall and at the end of a dark street. I unbuttoned my jeans and fished my already stiffening dick out of my briefs. I leaned over and unzipped his slacks and finshed around a pair of boxers for his dick. He wasn't at all hard but his dick was already hanging 6" long so I could tell, I was gonna love it. I sucked the head into my mouth and started going to work on it. As sucked his black dick into my mouth and worked the blood flow into it, he gave a short chuckle. "I knew you could suck some good dick" I love hearing that!!! I could feel the precum dripping out the tip of my dick as I stroked my own cock my hand and stroked his cock with my mouth. If just kept growning and expanding inside my mouth filling my lips and my throat. I LOVE TO SUCK BIG DICK!!!!!! Love the feeling of my mouth being stretched open, love the taste of precum dripping out a swollen head and LOVE the reaction I get when I deepthroat a big dick althe way down to the base. Most guys love to have thier dicks deepthroated but guys with big dicks don't always come across a throat like mine so when I take it all the way down and starte fucking my throat on thier dick, I usually get a good reaction. He was no different. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved me down on his dick while he pushed his hips up. I took every one of those 9" thick inches into my throat and started to working my neck to give him some extra enjoyement.

He took his hands off my head and relaxed a bit as I kept going to town on his dick. His left hand wandered down my back to the back of my jeans and started rubbing my ass. He kept moaning softly and I knew he was thinking about shoving that beast inside my warm tight hole. I pulled up off his dick and lifted my face to his. I went in for a kiss, not sure if he was gonna be into that but I knew he was enjoying himself and I've found that is the best time to move in for the kill. At first he didn't move when I pressed my lips against his but when my tounge brushed against his mouth he opened up , just enough for me to get my tounge inside. His tounge pushed back against mine while his hand started to paw at my ass with a renewed eagerness. We kept kissing as my hand grabbed ahold of that fat dick and stroked it. I pulled away from him and went back down to worshiping his cock with my mouth. "Your a dirty slut, aren't you? You want my dick up your ass don't you?" I kept his dick in my mouth but moaned in agreement. I started to deepthroat his cock and really put on the presure when he pulled me off. "You're gonna make me cum" I told him I had to get back home and didn't have enough time to fuck today so I wanted to swallow his load. He let me go back down and worked his dick into the back of my throat until his started to buck his hips up into my mouth. I could tell I was about to get a thick creamy load out of the end of the black dick and I wanted it! He put one hand on the back of my head and held me down as he shot his load deep in the back of my throat. His moans of pleasure coursed through my body like a drug. There is no better feeling that knowing that my body has just been used by a dick for it's own pleasure. He colapsed back into the passengers seat as I slowly lifted my mouth off his cock, letting my tounge circle around and clean up every possible drop of his cum.

I sat back in my seat and just enjoyed the taste of cum in my mouth. We both fix our pants and as I was driving him back to where I picked him up, we talked about setting up time next week to meet and really get into a good fuck session. He took my number and told me he would call me on Friday when I knew I had some free time in the afternoon.

This took place last week. Tomorrow is the friday he is supposed to call me so we can meet up. Hopefully he will call. If so, I'm bringing my camera and you can expect to see a post this weekend with some great pictures of his 9" Uncut Thick Black Cock.

Monday, September 21, 2009

More Pictuers of Javier

Off the Street Latin Ass - Javier

Had the day off today so I took a spin around a couple good day labor streets and found a tall dark and VERY sexy guy standing by himself against a wall. He was wearing a very sexy striped tank, very 80's. I'm sure he picked it up at a second hand store but he couldn't have been wearing anything better. I cruised by and rolled down the window. I asked him if he was interested in making some money and he replied yes. I asked if he wanted to have his dick sucked and his eyes opened wide. He jogged back to the wall and picked some things he had in a pile. He came back and jumped in the front seat. I asked him if he liked and he kept saying "sexo". He was so sexy and so eager so I knew I was gonna have fun.

We got back to my place and before I could grab the camera he already had his tank off. I started snapping some pics and he posed. He had these GREAT arms that he loved showing off. I got him onto the sofa and turned on some porn he undid his jeans and started rubbing his dick in his underwear. He was wearing sexy red bikini briefs I had him stand back up so i could get a couple shots of him in his sexy briefs. I got on my knees and slid those briefs down to his ankles and stuck my face right into his sexy package. I inhaled and smelled every sexy bit of his bush, cock and balls. I sucked his cock into my mouth and started working my mouth up and down his shaft. I felt it growing in my mouth and filling the back of my throat.

After a couple minutes he pulled me up and pulled me back to the sofa. He sat us both down and started to rub my chest. He reached down and took a hold of my cock. He started at it with interested as he stroked it back and forth. It wasn't the best location so I motioned us to move over to the bed. I could tell by the grin on his face that he liked that idea. We walked into the bed room and I laid down. He stood there for a second and I wasn't sure what he was up to. Then he grabbed my legs and started to turn me around he pulled my head towards where he was standing then laid down next to me so his dick was right in my face. Of course my dick was directly in his face too and he didn't seem to mind. He immediately grabbed my dick again with one hand and tugged on my balls with his other. Is face was inches away and his eyes were wide open. He started rubbing my cock against his face while I just laid there. I was so excited by the idea that this SEXY HOT Mexican day labor was rubbing my dick allover his face that I almost forgot his dick was right in front of me . I took his cock in my mouth and started working it over again till it was rock solid. He started pushing my head down on his dock and fucking my throat and I knew it was time to get that dick inside me.

I pushed him onto his back and straddled his waist. He knew what was coming and he spit into his hand and rubbed it on the head of his cock. We were both so eager to get his dick inside me our hands kept tripping over each other. I pushed his hands away and let him know, I was gonna take care of that cock. He relaxed and put his hands behind his head. I slipped his dick inside me and started to ride his cock. His face lit up with pleasure and he grinned from ear to hear. That just make me buck my hips even harder to make sure his dick was buried in me as deep as it would go. He grabbed on to my hips and started pushing me back onto his dick.

After a while he rolled me over and began to fuck me on my back. We rolled around into a number of positions, each time he was opening my legs wider so he could get his dick deeper and harder into me. I didn't even try to fight back. I just let him use my ass for his pleasure how ever he liked. He ended up with me on my side, my legs split apart while he fucked his hot load deep into my gut.

We rolled over together and he pulled me onto his chest. He was hot enough already but the fact that he wanted me to cuddle up on his lean, tight muscled body after he and just breed my hole was that hottest thing I'd had in a while. We rested up for a bit before he asked to take a shower. I showed him where the bathroom was but when I tried to turn around he grabbed a hold of my arm and motioned that he wanted me to get into the shower with him. This just kept getting better. We jumped in the shower taking turn soaping each others bodies. I tugged on his soapy dick and he used his soapy fingers to clean out my hole.

We got out of the shower and dried off. By this time I figured there was no loss in asking for anything I wanted so I asked him if I could lick his hole. He said yes so I decided it was my turn to take charge. I pushed him down over the edge of the bed and took a picture of that sexy ass. I told him to pull open is cheeks so I could take a close up of his puckered hole. I put the camera down and dove into his hairy sexy crack. Even just out of the shower I could smell the musky sexy odor. I licked his hole and let my toung fuck his sweet pucker. He moaned like he enjoyed it so I pulled up and started to rub the head of my cock against his hole. I asked if he liked it and he said yes so I kept going and pushed my head into his tight hole. He kinda jumped forward and winced a little. I knew it was hurting him but his ass was too tight and the idea of fucking this sexy guy was too hot for me to just let go. So I pushed myself back inside him and laid my chest on his back. I kissed the back of his neck as I pumped my dick in and out of him.

I asked him if he liked it and he kept moaning yes. I kept pumping his hole until I turned him over and put him on his back. He pulled his legs up and exposed his pink hole. I dove down for a minute and enjoy the sensation of his puffed up hole on my tounge. Then I lined my dick back up and started pumping again. I looked down on his face as I slammed my dick into his hole. I could tell it still hurt him a little but for what ever reason he was letting it happen. I shot my load up inside his ass and rocked my hips back and forth so it would sink in deep.

I pulled out of him and again dove down to get some of that cum back. I licked his hole clean and grabbed the camera. He cleaned up in the shower again, this time alone. We got dressed and I took him back to the street I picked him up on. He wasn't much for taking but he definitly made up for it with his actions. I would LOVE to find another buddy that would be interested in getting him naked and having our way with him. He's just begging to be made into a pussy boy for a thick hairy cock.

Before I fucked his hole:

After I shot my load inside and licked it clean:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bookstore Cum Whore

Once again I was on my way home and was craving some cum. I decided to drive a little further and hit a bookstore I don't go to very often. There are usually a lot of business guys that hit this place on their lunch break or on the way home.

As I walked in I noticed 2 guys wandering around the back. They were both in their early 40's and had wedding rings. One was black, about 6'1 with a white shirt button down shirt and khaki's. The other was Latin about 5'8 with a blue shirt and a tie. He was the shorter of the two but obviously worked out. He had a great chest and arms that you see through his dress shirt. When I walked in they had been looking at each other kinda checking each other out. When I walked in, both their attention turned to me. My ass instantly twitched. I knew i was going to get one of their loads and I was hoping that I'd be lucky enough to get both.

I walked into a booth about half way down the aisle. I figured I would let the two of them figure out which one was going to follow me inside. A few seconds later the door opened and the black guy stepped in. There was such a short amount of time between me stepping into the booth and him joining me that he must have sprinted down the aisle. Since he was that eager, I didn't waste with any of the pleasantries. I just dropped down to my knees and licked my lips. He locked the door behind him and reached around to unzip his pants. He fished out a very nice 6" black dick that hung down soft and thick. I wrapped my lips around that fat cock and started working it. I wanted to bring that monster to life and see how thick it could get in my throat. I felt it start to grow in my mouth and when I could tell it was hard enough to stand on it's own, I pulled back so I could take a look. It was about half hard but it still pointed out straight from a very nice thick black bush of hair. I reached for his belt and got those pants and his briefs down around his ankles. I wanted complete access to the fat cock so I could see just how big it would get. I dove back down, relaxing my throat and pushing my mouth all the way down till his balls were against my chin. I worked that dick in the back of my throat while he started to buck his hips and moan. The best thing about my deepthroating skills are the fact that straight guys can just fuck my mouth as rough as they like. I know their wives can't suck dick like I do and they always love it.

I let him fuck my throat for a while until I could tell he was totally worked up. As I stood up I asked him if he wanted some pussy. He just exhaled a deep breath and said "YES!!!" I already had him in the palm of my hand. Now I just needed to get him inside me. I turned around and leaned forward against the wall. My jeans were already around my ankles due to the fact that I was stroking my cock while he was fucking my throat. He came up behind me and rubbed the tip of his spit covered cock against my hole. I pushed my ass back against him so he would know how much I wanted that dick. He popped the head of his cock and grabbed the sides of my hips. He pulled me slowly back onto his cock untill he was all the way inside me. He started working my hole with his dick. He had the rocking back and forth motion you get from a guy that is savoring every feeling of his cock stretching open a warm hole. I just kept my self bent over and enjoyed it as well. I thinkn a couple soft moans escaped my lips as he kept working my hole back and forth. I heard his breathing getting a little harder and I felt his grib get a little tighter on my hips. I tightened down my hole on his dick and started slamming myself back on to his cock. Now I could hear his moans as he started to fill my ass with his load. His dick throbbed inside me while his cum pumped deeper and deeper. I knew that anybody who was in that bookstore heard him fuck his hot cum into my pussy. I LOVE THAT! What's the point of being a good piece of ass if people don't know it?

I just continued to lean forward and enjoy the moment while he caught his breath. He slowly pulled out his cock and I turned around to face him. He was grinning from ear to ear and he had obviously enjoyed him self. We exchanged numbers and he asked if I would ever bring that pussy over to his house so he could spend all night fucking it. We were both putting ourselves back together and I agreed we should meet again. As he opened the door to walk out the Latin guy was standing against the wall, directly in front of the door. The fact that he was standing out front as if he was waiting in line, made me laugh and made my dick hard at the same time. He walked right in closed the door behind him. I took my opportunity to really get a good look and feel of that chest of his. I love a nice big chest that you can rub your hands against, lay your head on and feel against your back while he's fucking you. As I enjoyed his chest and unbuttoned his shirt, he went straight for my waist and started to unbutton my pants. That's when I noticed the little gold band wrapped around his finger. FUCK YES!!! I was gonna get some married dick up my hole and I couldn't wait. By the time I had his shirt undone my jeans were at my ankles. He took a hold of my cock with one hand and started rubbing my ass with the other. He obviously knew what he wanted and I wasn't about to discourage his enthusiasm. I started to unbuckle his beld and undo the fly on his slacks. He was wearing black boxers briefs and from how the cotton was stretching I could tell he also had a fat piece of meat in there. I let his slacks fall to the floor while I fished around the inside of those hanes and pulled out his cock. It wasn't completley hard yet but it was 8" long, uncut and THICK!!! My first thought was of his wife and I couldn't understand how she could have a big cock like that at home laying in bed next to her every night and not do everything she could to please it. I wassn't going to make the same mistake she dick. I dropped to my knees and pulled those hanes down to his ankles. I started licking the tip of his dick with my tounged and teasing it with my mouth. The head of an uncut cock deserves a little special attention. It's trapped in a sleeve of skin most of the time so when something is exciting enough for it to pop itself out, it should be treated well. I flicked my tounge around his dick and kissed his piss slit before I opened my mouth and started taking that monster down. A big dick like that you gotta work down your throat a little at first. Don't want to get to excited, choke and kill the momement. Better to tease that cock down until you nose in buried in it's bush and it's balls are slapping against your chin.

I hadn't been down there very long when he pulled me off his dick and back onto my feet. With his left hand he grabbed on to the side of my head and pulled me into a kiss. He jammed his tounge into my mouth kissed me as deeply as the could go. His other hand had gone directly back to my ass and had worked it's way between my cheeks. He kept pushing his way in until his middle finger was pushed up inside my hole. He started to dig around inside me and moaning while we kissed. As he pulled our mouths apart, he slid out his finger and brought it up to my lips. He pushed into my mouth with the same force as he did his tounge and said "Taste it". I sucked on his finger and tasted the sweet mixture of my ass and the other guys cum mingling together. When I had sucked it clean he pulled his finger out and went back in for another kiss. He also went back into my ass but this time he was pushing 2 fingers in side me. As he pulled away this time I begged him to "Feed me that cum" He shoved his fingers in my mouth and told me to "Lick the cum of my fingers bitch. You like that?" I just moaned in enjoyment. "You like that cum? You want some more inside you?" He pulled his fingers from my mouth as I turned around and offered my now sloppy cum dripping hole for his pleasure. He lined that fat dick now hard as a rock and 8.5" long against my hole. He had worked my ass up enough that the head of his dick fit right into my pucker but the rest of thick cock was going to be a stretch. He pushed against me and started to work that fat dick in. I braced myself against the booth wall, knowing that he was going to stretch my hole wide open before he got all the way inside me but it was gonna be worth it. Again, I don't know how often his wife puts out but he was moaning from the moment his cock started to slide inside me. He kept his hands on top of my back as he worked his dick inside me by pushing his hips further and further forward. It took a minute but all 8.5" of that fat Latin uncut married businessman dick was now inside me. That's when the fun really started. He wasn't interested in talking after that. He had one mission on his mind and that was shoving that fat cock in and out of my hole until he splattered my insides with his cum. He got down to business and started pounding my puckered ass while I continued to brace myself against the wall. He never put his hands on my waist or hips, he just kept pushing those hips back and forth and stretching my hole around his fat rod. He started to huff and moan and pushed against my ass so hard my face was smashed against the wall of the booth. His dick was so thick I could feel every single shot of cum as came out of his dick and into my willing ass. He kept fucking that dick inside me as he came and I could tell from the sloppy sound my ass was making that he had been holding onto a major load for quite a long time. I was honored that he would choose me to be the holder of all that cum and proud of the fact that my hot hole was able to make a monster beast cock like that so happy. I definilty believe the reason I'm here on earth is to make selfish dicks happy. As the spasm slowed down and he started to catch his breatch, he pulled his cock out of my ass an I could feel the cum dripping out my hole and down my leg. He took 2 fingers and wiped the cum off my leg. Pausing just long enough at my hole to dig around inside. I turned around with my jeans still at my ankles, opened my mouth and stuck out my tounge. He took his 2 cum covered fingers and rubbed them against my tounge as I closed my mouth around them. I let my tounge swirl around his fingers tasting every bit of cum and ass that I could. He didn't say anything, just stared at my face with his dark eyes and a kind of a smirk on his face. He pulled out his fingers. Wiped them off on this underwear and pulled his slacks back up. I just stood there with my dock hanging out and my cum soaked hole throbbing from the pounding it had just recieved. He finished with his pants and opened the door. He was buttoning his shirt as he walked out the door and he glanced back with the same smirk right before the door closed behind him. Leaving me standing there, half naked, completley spent and filled with cum. Needless to say, I was the happiest i'd been a quite a long time.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You can Ring My Bell

Was coming home from work and again, (surprise surprise) I thought I would stop off and try to find some dick.

I've heard a rumor that the library was a pretty good place to land some cock so I thought I would give it a try. I've never cruised a libraby bathroom before but I figured it couldn't be much different than all the other bathrooms. When i walked in there were a row of 4 double sided sinks in the middle of the room. There was a homeless guy taking what I guess you could call a bath in on of the sinks. The only other person there was a latin guy wearing blue slacks and a purple polo shirt standing at the urinal. He looked about 26yo, 5'8" and had a very slim body. As I walked over to the far wall with where the stalls were, I noticed him glancing over his shoulder and looking in my direction. Always a sure sign that a guy is there to cruise. I stepped into the urinal and dropped my jeans. You couldn't see into these urinals as easily as the ones at the bus station so it was a little difficult to figure out what was going on. I stood there for a minute with my dick in my hand stroking before I heard some footsteps coming in my direction. Since the sink was still going, i figured it had to be the Latin guy. He stopped just in front of my stall door and stood there. I unlocked the door and looked out, still with my cock in my hand. That's when I noticed that the purple polo he was wearing was his Taco Bell work uniform. He smiled so I pulled the door completely open and gave him a shot of my hard dick.

His eyes got big and he walked right into the stall, closing the door behind him. He started tugging on my dick and dropped to his knees. He took my dick into his mouth and swallowed it all the way down to my balls. He had a warm soft lips that just surrounded my dick. He worked back and sucking on my hard dick while I held on to the back of his head. He sucked my dick like he hadn't eaten in days. I just let him feast on it and get his fill. He started really working my dick hard and fast and I could tell he's mouth was gonna make me cum. But it wasn't my load I was interested in. It was his cum I wanted shooting inside me.

So I pulled him up and started making out with him in the stall. He kept his hands tugging on my dick as our tongues rolled around in each others mouth. I pulled back and dropped to my knees. Enough playing around. I was hungry for some dick. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his blue pants. His pants had food stains all down the front so he must have just gotten off of work. I loved the thought of this hot young cock sweating inside his pants all afternoon while he worked away in hot kitchen. As his pants dropped to the floor I could see his hard cock packed tight into a pair of off white tight briefs, the bikini kind latin boys wear. I immediately stuck my face directly into the middle of that hot sweaty package and let the smell of young uncut hard sweaty dick invade my nose. If I thought I was hungry for cock before, I was starving for it now. I pulled his briefs down to his knees and dove all the way down on his dick till my nose was buried in his bush. I worked my head back and forth and let his dick slide back and forth, fucking the back of my throat before I pulled back and took a good look. I could tell from how it filled my mouth that is wasn't long but it was thick. About 7" and very thick. I asked him in spanish if he liked it and he responded by pushing my head back down on his fat cock. I took the hint and worked that cock with my mouth all the while taking every opportunity I could to sniff his musky latin odor. I cupped his balls in my hand as I continued to dive down on his cock. They were big, hairy and low hanging. I pulled back from his dick for a minute and buried my nose into his balls, taking in the scent. I suck on his nuts and tasted the salty sweat on my tongue.

This was more than I could handle. I stood up and turned around, offering him my sweet willing hole. He didn't waste anytime. He rubbed his spit covered cock against my puckered hole and pushed his way inside. The feeling of dick stretching me open was exactly what I waiting for. I leaned against the white tile of the back wall and pushed my ass out so he could push his way in as deep as possible. He grabbed my hips and started bucking his fat cock in and out. I just turned my boy hole over to him and enjoyed the moment of a young hot latin guy pounding his thick sweaty Taco Bell dick up my hole. I could feel his hairy bush brushing up against me and his big balls slapping my ass as he fucked me. It didn't take long before he started slamming me back down on dick. I knew I was about to get his load so I tightened my ass down on his cock and squeezed. He forced his dick as deep inside me as he could and I felt his load shooting inside me and filling my boy hole. There are very few feelings as good when a fat dick use your hole for it's own selfish pleasure. His dick was twitching inside me while I continued to hold my self up against the wall and grinned. He pulled out and lean back against the stall door. I turned around and sat down. His cock had already started to deflate a little and a beautiful drop of cum was hanging off the tip. I used my finger to take it off his dick and greedily sucked it clean. He thought that was funny and laughed. I told him thank you in spanish and as he pulled his pants up and put him self back together. As he walked out of the stall he looked back and smiled. I haven't been back to the library since but I definitly plan on taking a walk around the block and try to find out where that Taco Bell is.