Thursday, February 26, 2009

Home Depot

Had the place to myself for the day. Decided I was going to make the most of it. Down near the Home Depot is a place where Mexican day labor guys hung out waiting for work. I'd been down there more than a couple times before. I started out just pulling up next to the guys while I was jerking off and flashing them. After a couple guys expressed interest, I realized there was some cock to be had here. I've learned that if you get a guy on his own, he's more likely to accept your offer of "mamar". That's Spanish slang for blowjob. Usually they are trying to make a few bucks, but a lot of them have wives back in Mexico so they haven't had sex in quite a while. A fat uncut horny cock that hasn't been sucked a couple months, is definitely worth the money.

So I headed down there to see what I might be able to bring home. I saw a guy I've sucked of a couple times before but I was hoping to see a guy named John. I'd sucked him off in the car a couple times and I knew he had a thick uncut cock that was about 8" long and he LOVED the way I could deepthroat his entire dick down to his balls. I figured if I had to place to myself I was gonna go for the best cock out there. It didn't take very long but I did find him around the same corner he usually hangs out on. It had been about 4 months since I'd been there last but as I pulled up, I was happy to see that he recognized me and excitedly walked over to the car. We exchanged our Spanglish greetings, he doesn't really speak English but understands a little. He jumped in the car and we headed to my place. Small chatter as we drove, but who cares, I was gonna get some Mexican dick and I could already taste it.

We got back to my place and I offered him some beer and some pot. He took both without hesitation, which was a good sign. Both would help him relax and remind him how horny he was. After kicking back for a bit, I motioned to the bedroom and he walked right in. He undressed next to the bed with the joint hanging out of his mouth. I arranged the bed so the pillows were already propped up and ready for him to lay back. He finished stripping and laid back on the bed. I put the joint out for him and grabbed my bottle of poppers. I had introduced him to poppers in the car a while back and he definitely liked them. I laid on the bed next to him and played with his cock a little. Rolling it around, running my fingers through his hairy bush and tugging on his balls.

I took a big hit off the poppers and handed him the bottle. He followed me and took a hit himself. I took my opportunity and went down on his dick and started working it with my mouth. By the time he put the cap back on the bottle, I could already feel his cock growing in my mouth. The poppers kicked in and I just let myself enjoy the feeling of his hard cock in my mouth. It had been a while since I had that dick inside me and I almost forgot how much I enjoyed it. He continue to lay back and started to moan and mumble in Spanish. I took my hint and swallowed his entire cock. I buried my nose into his hair and enjoyed the sounds of pleasure that came out of him.

I kept sucking him and rolling his balls around in my hand. He never came quickly so I new I had plenty of time to sniff poppers and work that cock as much and how ever I wanted. We kept passing the poppers back and forth and I started stroking my cock. As he relaxed and really got into it, he started rubbing my face and stroking my hair. I took my shot and went in for a kiss. Not all Mexican guys will kiss you, they're too macho for that. But if you build up a little trust and really get them horny, they'll let go a little. He kissed me back but only with his lips. I kept kissing him and stroking his dick. He cracked open his mouth and I started to gently rub my tongue on his lips. He just kept kissing back and his mouth continued to open. I slid my tongue inside and was happy to find his tongue pushing back to meet mine. We made out for a minute but I didn't want to distract him too much. So I dove back down on that cock and started working it again.

By this time I was horny as fuck and wanted to feel that dick inside me. I wanted that dick as hard as I could get it and him as horny as I was before I wanted to make my move. So I passed him the poppers and dove down on that cock as deep as I could and listen to him moan as his dick fucked the back of my throat. When I knew it was time, I pulled off again. We exchanged enough Spanglish to get the point across that it was time to fuck. He sat straight up. I rolled over on my side and then got on my knees. He pulled around behind me and grabbed a hold of my hips. He was obviously ready to go and so was I. But first we needed to prep. I sat up so his dick was pressed against my ass and his chest was on my back. I took a hit of poppers and held the bottle out for him. He pressed against me and took the bottle from me. He crossed his right arm across my chest and he held the bottle to his nose. It was great feeling him intentionally pressing his body against mine. When he was done he stayed pressed against me a held the bottle up to my nose, such a gentleman.

We put the bottle down and got back to business. I spit on my hand and got his cock nice and wet. I did the same thing for my ass and put my head down into the pillow. He lined his fat dick up with my hole and started to push against me. I mentioned before that he had a thick dick and I meant it. The head popped in but he didn't stop there, In one push he slide the entire thing inside me. It hurt like FUCK but I wasn't about to kill the moment by being a little bitch, so I just buried my head deeper into the pillow. I knew if I just hung in there for a minute, I could take a another hit of poppers and I'd be fine. My ass tingled with the pressure of him stretching me open. He had his hands on my hips and was pulling me back onto his dick. I could feel those balls of his slapping against me and I loved every minute of it. This was exactly what I had in mind when I set out for the day. A str8 Mexican guy with a thick uncut hairy dick, fucking my ass like it was his wife's pussy.

He rode my ass and I knew it had been a long time since he had his dick inside anybody. He bucked his hips into me and moaned with every thrust. I help my head down and moaned along with him. I wanted to make sure he knew how much pleasure his cock was giving me. Then he pushed my head into the pillow, leaned across my back and started to jack hammer his dick inside me. I could tell he was about to breed my sweet hole and I wanted every ounce. He spasmed and jerked his dick inside me as he again moaned with pleasure. I felt his load shoot inside me.

He kept pumping his cock in and out of my ass as he shot his load. As he finished cumming he just leaned across my back and stroked the back of my hair. He rolled off of me and we both just kinda looked at each other with huge grins on our faces. We just soaked in the sweat and smell of the moment. I rolled over and stole 1 more make out session before we got dressed. I jumped into the bathroom for a minute and he put his clothes back on. After I got dressed I grabbed my keys and we got back into the car. It wasn't until we were half way back to Home Depot before I realized neither of us had said a word. I tried to exchange a little Spanglish to break the ice but he wasn't talking much. I passed him the cash I had in my pocket, it was about $55. When we got to the same corner I picked him up on, I held out my hand to say goodbye. He took my hand shake and lean in to give me a peck on the cheek. We both smiled and he took off.

I have no doubt that I'll be seeing him again. Not sure how soon or what the circumstances will be, I just hope he decides to stick around and not go back to Mexico.

I can't always get the house to myself so it will most likely be in the car. If your still reading this, let me know where you would like to see him next and what you would like to see. Car, Bathroom, Park. Me sucking his cock, his dick fucking me. Those sexy bikini briefs Mexican guys where. Let me know and I'll do me best.

Here are some more pics of John.


  1. That was the hottest encounter I've ever read :) Make him fuck you in a dirty public toilet...

  2. Fucking A-ONE hot. Keep him and others cumming. Don't giver a rat's ass where. On second thought how about more public cock-sucking with cum splattering your face and hair and clothes. Ah the smell of fresh cum. "Just do it!"

  3. Another great post-love when you post pics if you have 'em. Would definitely like to see a shot of the cock in your ass.

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  5. Hot! You are an absolute legend, man! Keep up the good work!

  6. Huge hot dick! Keep posting more of your raunchy sexual encounters with hot rough guys, especially married ones!